Wontons. I want to make them in a ravioli mold from dough I make from scratch and roll out with a pasta machine. I know I can get store-bough

I've thought of just putting the wrappers on the ravioli mold. But I live in a small town and the only people who buy them are people who use them to make the ravioli recipe from the Baptist cook book. So the wrappers are about $4.00 a package, and I'm cheap.

  • Posted by: MarcusV
  • January 23, 2012


pierino January 24, 2012
You don't need a ravioli mold as such. Perhaps just use pastry rings to cut and then pinch to close and shape. Once in Italy I was assisting a chef on his Sardegnan style ravioli (which are beautiful) and he told me mine looked "troppo cinese" or too chinese, like won tons or dumplings.
Slow C. January 23, 2012
PS I saw your response about eggs in the recipe in my email feed, but don't see it here! Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned that, my first thought was that the dough would be made of nothing more than flour and hot water, maybe some salt, but every recipe I've been able to find (including my home collection) says to add eggs. These should fry well (unlike rice paper, that does NOT fry well, trust me on this again!), just don't roll them too thin or they will be too delicate to fry (but steamed dumplings with thin noodle, yum).
MarcusV January 24, 2012
Yeah, once tried frying some spring rolls. Disaster!
MarcusV January 24, 2012
Btw thanks all for the input. I'm going to make an egg dough and try it.
Slow C. January 23, 2012
Wonton dough is fairly simple to make and is similar to egg pasta recipes. This is important because not all doughs roll well through a pasta machine (trust me on this!). But the thing that makes wontons wontons (and not ravioli) is the hand folded shape (of which there are several varieties). Why not make the dough and hand fold?
nutcakes January 23, 2012
I agree with hand shaping wonton. Fold in a trangle shape, and seal, then wrap the long ends around your thumb and secure and you have a perfect little wonton package.
MarcusV January 23, 2012
I can fold wontons about as fast as anyone I know (in all the different shapes), but the novelty wears off after a while foldfoldfoldfoldscoopscoop. For that matter, ravioli-shaped wontons might make the girls go tee hee as much as anything else.
MarcusV January 23, 2012
My original Q kind of got cut off - all of the boughten wonton wrappers are made with flour and water and salt and no eggs. All of the homemade wonton recipes I can find have egg. These fry okay?
tinarina January 23, 2012
It will totally work and likely taste better. After you put them in the mold, I would roll them lightly with a rolling pin if they're not already thin.
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