What kind of cake can’t I make using maple sugar?

I was given some Vermont maple sugar, I would like to make a cake. Ideas?

Jeannine Doyle


Nancy February 28, 2018
Agree with maple buttercream.
Other cakes in which it will provoke interesting taste combos are
• loaf cakes (banana, apple, carrot)
• pound cakes
• gingerbread
• Jewish, French or British style honeycake.
Avoid chocolate cakes, where the two strong flavors will fight.
creamtea February 28, 2018
I think I'd make a yellow (vanilla) cake or a pecan-studded cake, and a maple buttercream, or a vanilla buttercream sprinkled with the maple sugar. I think if you cream the maple sugar into the butter for cake batter it will get "lost." Susan G. Purdy has some maple buttercream and a 7-minute maple icing as well as a maple praline in The Perfect Cake. There may be other versions.
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