Mistake that became a discovery?

Just reached for the cinnamon to put on some yogurt. But I'd moved it a couple days ago, and instead got the cumin (same type of jar, similar color, similar location). Only discovered AFTER I sprinkled some on the yogurt.
Figured I'd taste it before I threw it out.
Not bad at all.
In the end, added some cinnamon (thinking of Middle East & Indian spice blends that have both).
Very fine.
So...what mistake or error have you made that was coming up roses?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 2, 2018


Nancy March 4, 2018
Glad to see all your responses and stories.
AJ...you can count the bay leaf-vanilla as a mistake if you want, but Papa Freud might have a way to credit your subconscious with the creativity...
I'm reminding myself:
* to stock up on cucumber (thanks Loam Living) and raita ingredients (thanks Lost in NYC).
* to see opportunities with mistakes, or shortages of ingredients....
Alyssa March 3, 2018
I often have curry-mashed avocado toast with a thin spread of miso on the bread for breakfast (sounds weird, but so good!). A few weeks ago, I didn't have any avocados left but was still really craving the miso flavor for breakfast. So I compromised and spread a thin layer of miso on my homemade seedy multigrain toast, and then put a thin layer of salted peanut butter on top of the miso. Again, it sounds really weird, but I've had it for breakfast every day since then.
AntoniaJames March 3, 2018
Alyssa, that sounds delicious! So glad you shared this with us. ;o)
AntoniaJames March 2, 2018
This recipe was the result of a typographical error - my own -- that led to an altogether experiment. https://food52.com/recipes/9662-bay-scented-vanilla-pudding (More details in the headnote.)
Does that count?
;o) (P.S. The flavor combination, I've since learned, was used in puddings in England centuries ago. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2010/nov/18/how-make-perfect-rice-pudding )
Stephanie B. March 2, 2018
Years ago I was making pancakes for breakfast and ran out of flour. I did not feel like going to the store: I was in my pajamas, sporting some crazy bedhead, and I flatly refused to put on pants just then. Instead, I blitzed some rolled oats in the food processor, not out of some stroke of genius but because they were the only grain I had in the house, and made up the rest of the volume (this was before oat flour started creeping up as it has recently). It gave the pancakes this really pleasant texture, but with a softer flavor than whole wheat flour. Every time a new guest has my pancakes I get to see the look of pleasant surprise as they discover the pancake's tender bite. Now I'm bummed if I'm out of rolled oats for pancakes!
Lost_in_NYC March 2, 2018
Hey Nancy! Glad you discovered and like cumin in (plain?) yogurt!

Actually in Indian cuisine for yogurt dishes (Raita to be exact) its normal to add cumin mixed with salt/black salt, red chili powder mixed with cucumbers, grated carrots, cilantro, onions, lime juice to eat on the side!
BerryBaby March 2, 2018
My sister recently told me one.
She wanted to make French toast but didn’t have any milk. She did have vanilla coffee creamer and used that instead. The French toast turned out so delicious she said that will be her permanent recipe.
stacy March 5, 2018
I used vanilla creamer instead of vanilla extract once in chocolate chip cookies, when I was a young baker. It didn't turn out that bad actually
Loam L. March 2, 2018
Hi Nancy!

Great discovery! Try adding grated cucumber to that for a truly delicious Tzatziki!

Less of a mistake and more of a herb-scarcity situation, last night I discovered last night that Mahi Mahi is DELICIOUS cooked in coconut oil & rosemary!
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