What's the optimal depth of oil for frying? I'm making donut holes. Some recipes say 3/4" oil, other say 2"...what do YOU think?



raspberryeggplant March 5, 2011
Thanks for the responses. I've always used more than 2", just wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something strange (I don't deep fry often but when I do things come out just fine). I don't see how you could make donuts in 3/4" of oil!
virgieandhats March 5, 2011
Agreed! When I make my great-grandmother's donut holes I use her cast-iron dutch oven, which is 4" deep, and I fill it more than halfway with oil. If the dough comes to rest on the bottom of the pan, they won't turn themselves over and they won't cook properly!
pierino March 5, 2011
I agree with Kmack. 3/4" is way too shallow. In fact I would go even deeper than 2". Recently I cooked beignets (not dissimilar to donut holes) and I probably had 4" of oil heated to 375.
Kmack March 5, 2011
I would opt for 2", enough for them to float - if they rest on the bottom of the pan they could absorb some oil and get greasy.
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