I'm making fried chicken for the first time and I can't keep my oil hit enough!!! Help!!! Why??



Sam1148 February 11, 2012
If you want to add appliance to your home. An electric skillet makes pretty good fried chicken, the style that's deep enough for oil, with a thermostat that keeps the temp steady.

I have a glass top stove and it's very, very hard to control temp for frying.
Abbe,Lind February 11, 2012
Thanks! I have only been cooking a few pieces at a time but I guess it was too much anywsy
Sam1148 February 11, 2012
Your probably over crowding the pan. Best to it in batches, which is admittedly a pain.
If you've already launched. Well, the only thing you can do is just get the skin brown and crispy..and finish up in a 350 oven for about 20 mins.
What can happen is that coating cooks before the interior of the chicken is done--so the oven finish is your hope there.
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