chicken texture was off when I baked it, why?

I made chicken mirabella for guests and when I took the chicken out of the oven, the texture wasn't quite right. I used chicken breasts that had a higher water content then I usually use, but am not sure why the texture was off. It was almost like it wasn't cooked- but registered that it was 165 degrees.

What happened?



Lori T. March 12, 2018
What you likely encountered was a chicken with a problem called "woody breast", though possibly it could have been another called striping. Both are muscle disorders which affect some birds, and is more common now that chickens are being bred for larger size breast - or just larger overall size. Either one makes the chicken unpleasant to eat, though it's not harmful to you if you do. Organic or not isn't really an issue, since it's a genetic problem - made worse by the breeding decisions for larger birds. About the only way to avoid it would be to buy from a local producer, who doesn't go for fryers more than about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds at maturity.
SKK March 11, 2018
Do not have the answer to why, and it is clear from your answer to another question you purchased quality chicken breast. Recommend you ask your butcher and please share the answer here. I have experienced purchasing chicken breasts, organic as you did, that were pumped full of water. Seems it was a particular brand that did that.
BerryBaby March 10, 2018
Not all chicken quality is the same. I’ve had that happen when buying ‘off’ brands. I stick with the local brand, it costs a bit more but it’s worth it.
MMH March 10, 2018
Can you describe the texture or how it was different?
Mamamelick March 10, 2018
It had chewy membranes in it that were watery and when I cut through it with a knife, it shredded instead of cutting straight through. I have had this experience before when buying bagged chicken, I have never had this when buying fresh organic from the butcher- I just don't know why it does this.
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