How do you celebrate Pi Day?

For all those who love math or pastry or both, how will you mark this day?
I have a cousin who was a math teacher and used to make pies for her young students.
Loved it two years ago when the date was a perfect rendering (3.14.16) but it's still good in 2018.
Favoring quiches and savory galettes this year.
What about you?
(Yes, there are older threads about this, but I am wary of them after the recent tech problems boosting 7 yr old threads to the top.)

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 14, 2018


Orts_of_sorts March 19, 2018
I'm a little late to the party, but I do celebrate Pi Day every year. I have several math nerds in my family, so we celebrate by first finding fun math jokes or sayings to share. I always bake pie on pie day. One year I baked a square chocolate meringue pie, because Pi R Squared. This year I made Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) because Pi is irrational and it seemed out of the ordinary! I hope you had something fabulous!
Nancy March 19, 2018
Love the idea of pi r squared...opens up a whole new area of visual puns.
Or how about that old image for a bad for ( square peg in a round hole)...
Yes, also exchange math jokes with my cousin.
Miss_Karen March 19, 2018
Normally I do not celebrate PI(e) day. However, this year I took a mini chicken pot pie to my friend in the hospital. He flipped his car end to end and is now having difficulty walking. He's been in the hospital almost 2 months, so I thought it might help break up the monotony of hospital food.
702551 March 14, 2018
I figure that eating something circular or spherical -- like an orange, a tortilla or a chocolate truffle -- on 3.14 qualifies as observing Pi Day.

It's a more inclusive way of celebrating internationally since many cultures don't have pies in their traditional cuisine.

Plus "pie" is a homonym only in English speaking countries.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 14, 2018
I don't.
Smaug March 14, 2018
As a former math major and devoted baker, I suppose that I should be more into this; I've generally ignored it, but you (and the rain) talked me into it- pizza for lunch, tamale pie for dinner, some sort of pie (I'm leaning toward black bottom, since there doesn't seem to be an official black bottom day) for dessert. Or maybe a last tangerine pie of the season.
Miss_Karen March 19, 2018
Tangerine pie?! YUM.
How delicious does that sound!!! Care to share the recipe for that Smaug? :)
Smaug March 19, 2018
Ms.Karen- the tangerine pie, like a good half of my best dessert recipes, I stole from Maida Heatter; It's in her "New Book of Great Desserts", probably reprinted in some of her later books, as "Florida Cream Cheese Pie"; she makes it with oranges, but I find tangerines better and a good deal easier. It is pretty spectacular and always an event when the tangerines get good in mid winter; whole tangerine sections in a fluffy sort of parfait of whipped cream, cream cheese and tangerine juice with gelatin. A little messy, but not difficult to make. I really don't feel comfortable putting someone else's recipe online, and anyway I lack Ms. Heatter's flair for writing concise recipes containing all the information you could possibly need, but it shouldn't be hard to track down, and is well worth it.
Rachelwrites March 14, 2018
It slips up on my every year and my best laid plans go astray. My husband and I work with students too so I'm sure they would have loved it. It's residential so maybe I can sling something together tonight. Quiche sounds awesome. Mini quiches would be good.
Nancy March 14, 2018
If you make them in muffin tins with different flavors, everyone can have two or three, instead of one wedge of a large one.
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