vegetarian recipes without added fat

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for vegetarian recipes without added fat (no oil or butter). Ideally those needs to be something else than salads and soups. I have access to a farmer market 3 times a week with fresh produces. I like to eat what is in season (I live in the Netherlands right now).

Would you have any recommendations for me ?

Thank you!

  • Posted by: Fleur
  • March 15, 2018


MQ March 16, 2018
Check out the web site I like the Sloppy Lentils and Bean and Vegetable Chili. Both freeze well.
Stephanie B. March 16, 2018
Not sure if some naturally fatty foods like tahini, peanut butter, or dairy work for you, but here's this tofu veggie bowl:, and this herby labneh toast:

This one has oil in the ingredients, but I forgot to add it one time and ate it for 2 days before I realized there was no oil:

This is a soup so I apologize for that, but it's a soup that lends itself well to lots of fresh veggies: I made it once and it was very good, and as I ran out of one veggie topping just swapped in others (peppers, carrots, kohlrabi, etc).

I like this blog's recipes, a lot of which I don't think the oil is a necessity: Lots of raw food kind of stuff, or oil added for drizzling kind of thing.

In addition to ginger as a flavor booster in things like congee, maybe you could add miso and/or kombu to get added depth of flavor without adding fat/oils.

Hope this is helpful!
HalfPint March 15, 2018
No fat is hard because oil/butter is in just about every recipe. And for good reason: 1. oil brings out flavor as most spices/flavorings dissolve better in oil/fat, 2. a lot of important vitamins (like A,D,E) are fat soluble which means they only dissolve in fat. You may already know all this and you might be on a fat-restricted diet for health reasons.

That said, this vegan rice porridge is delicious:
Fleur March 15, 2018
Indeed, if I could eat fat it would be great but this is not a choice and is for health reason! :)

Thank you for the info about the vegan rice porridge. I love Congee and have not thought of it since i used to do it with stock (which has fat!). But adding a ton of ginger while it cooks might do the trick to add the flavor.
Vandana March 15, 2018
Idli! They're made of rice and lentils, and are commonly eaten for breakfast and dinner. They're the quintessential no-added-fat food. They don't quite fit your seasonal vegetable requirement, but you could have them with a side of steamed vegetables and you'd have a balanced meal. Here's a good recipe (you can skip the fenugreek if you'd like):
Fleur March 15, 2018

I've never seen it or heard of it before! It looks like the Indian version of a Bao ?
Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I will definitely give it a try.
Vandana March 16, 2018
Bao is filled with things, no? The Indian version of bao might be kozhakattai (which are also fat-free, depending on your filling, and also steamed, like bao). Idli is more like cake, in that you pour some batter into a pan and it puffs up/rises when cooked.

Other things you might enjoy (I don't know a lot of non-Indian things, sorry):
dhokla - it's the same idea as idli, but the batters are different; they're made of different lentils
puttu - ground rice and ground coconut. I know coconut is fatty, but maybe this is okay with you?
sevai - rice noodles. You can buy them in the store, or you can make them yourself
kasha - a Russian buckwheat porridge
nasi lemak - since you like bao and congee, you probably know of this anyway. Coconut milk might be an issue here for you
gomae - Japanese spinach yumm

As to what you said about stock below - can you make your own without fat? Just boil some vegetable scraps together so that the water that remains could serve as your stock? Maybe then you could have the congee you know and love.
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