How long can you keep black peppercorns?

Want to add to my grinders ..probably a few years old. Should I pitch?



HalfPint March 15, 2018
I wouldn't pitch it. I have black peppercorns that are several years old and they are still flavorful. But agree that grind a few and see if the flavor hasn't gone off (I don't think it has but better to be on the safe side).
Smaug March 15, 2018
I most likely wouldn't either, but I still think it's good advice for someone unsure of their ground.
Picholine March 16, 2018
Smaug March 15, 2018
They are very stable, but "probably a few years old" sounds a lot like they may have come over on the Mayflower; they've likely lost some flavor. You could try crushing a few and see what you think, but if cost isn't a problem I'd get some new ones.
Nancy March 15, 2018
Agree. Crush a few and see.
FYI, Stilltasty recommends 4 years storage for best flavor, but says ok after that.
From memory, were they that old?
Picholine March 16, 2018
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