Ungreased cake pan

I forgot to grease the cake pan while I was in a hurry and the cakes are currently baking. How,can I get them out without crumbling?

Shara Rachelle


creamtea March 15, 2018
You might consider making a trifle or similar dessert, cutting or pulling out what you can, and layering it (when cool) with custard or whipped cream and fresh fruit. When my batter stuck to a new Bundt pan (despite greasing the pan) there wasn't much I could do. I tore out large chunks, devoured them (they were delicious, as yours will be) and called it a day.
Smaug March 16, 2018
Great idea- might also be possible to frost it and serve it out of the pan for a more formal look- you'd have to destroy the first piece to get it out, but might be able to get the rest out more or less intact.
Smaug March 15, 2018
If anyone has an answer for this I'd be glad to hear it. You can cut around the sides, of course, but you'll probably have to trust your stars for the rest. The cake will be less prone to self destruct if it's cool, but may stick more, too. Turn it over and whack it plenty.
I could conceive of cutting it in half and trying to get a spatula under each side with as little damage as possible; might work for a cake with a lot of frosting, but I've never tried it and hope I never do. Best of luck.
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