I've been looking for bake-ware for my smart oven: the 9-cup muffin pan, square are pan, designed to take advantage of their smaller sizer size.

I love my Breville oven, love that I can use it without heating up a the bigger oven in my kitchen stove. But I wish I could find pans that fit it better; particularly things like a square muffin/cup-cake pan with 9 cups, a pop over pan, and a square brownie/cake pan. I wonder what others recommend?

Rebecca Zicarelli


Rebecca Z. October 27, 2021
Thank you for the suggestions thus far.

I have a Breville Smart Oven Pro, a few years old. The bottom of the broiler pan makes a pretty good sheet pan, though it's not really flat. The pizza pan that came with it is awesome. I can envision other pans that would be smaller and make the oven far more useful

I would love a square muffin pan, with nine cups instead of twelve, that would perfectly fit a 2-cups of flour muffin recipe if you fill the cups 3/4 instead of 1/2 full.

A tube pan that's sized down for making an angel food cake with eight eggs instead of a dozen.

A cast-iron dutch oven for baking a 500-gram loaf of bread (so 4 or 5 qt.) with a smooth lid instead of a knob center-top; the knob on my Staub prevents it from fitting in the oven top to bottom.

A 13 x 9 cake pan, but without any protrusions or handles on the 13" edges.
Emily K. October 28, 2021
Hi again Rebecca :),
We did our best to put together a quick (and hopefully helpful!) list of products we love in our Shop that fit some of the needs you've described. Take a look and if you have any specific Qs you're more than welcome to let us know—our team of experts at [email protected] will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Emily K. October 27, 2021
Hi Rebecca! Do you know the dimensions of your smart oven or the approximate size of the bakeware you're after? Happy to see if we can send over some suggestions from our Shop :).
Rebecca Z. October 27, 2021
The broiler pan is a 13" square. I have searched for a 9 cup-square muffin pan and or pop over pan without success, yet this would be a perfect fit for the oven.

My Staub 4-qt. cast-iron pan (purchased from Food 52) would fit perfectly, where it not for the knob on top of the lid; so I can't bake bread in the smaller oven. Likewise, I have a Dansk Generations baker, also from Food 52) that would fit perfectly, were it not for the handle on top of the lid.

These ovens are useful for so much more than toasting and frozen pizza; a 9" cake bakes perfectly. But there is a distinct lack of specialized baking pans to fit, and that seems a real shame.
Nancy October 25, 2021
Saw recently an add for a 3 or 4-piece scaled down baking set that fit in some type of toaster oven. Have a look around...may work for the Breville.
702551 October 25, 2021
While I have no hyperlinks to actual products I can offer some suggestions on how you might be able to find such bakeware.

The first is to visit a bricks-and-mortar restaurant supply store. They will have items beyond what you would find in typical consumer kitchen stores. I bought two 6" cake pans for recipes that call for one 9" cake pan; their volumes are the same.

The second and more adventurous suggestion is to consider shopping at online stores that serve other markets. The world makes a lot of things that don't make it to USA shores.

Japan is well known for being a country with small housing and likewise their appliances and corresponding cookware is downsized. I believe Rakuten is the main online retailer for Japan (basically their Amazon). There might be something in Yahoo Shopping on the Yahoo Japan website but I don't know about how well each storefront will be translated into English.

The second and more obvious market is China. Alibaba is their Amazon and the online storefront is called AliExpress. While not kitchenware, I recently bought some metric machine screws in a certain color and length, something I couldn't source domestically (or I would have had to order a thousand when I only needed twenty).

While I know nothing about Taiwanese online storefronts, I would expect the quality of their goods to be very high.

You might be able to find a limited selection of items you desire in Chinese hardware stores or some other Asian stores. At least here in California, there's an American arm of the Daiso 100円 chain (dollar shop) which sells a small subset of what one would find in their Japanese stores.

There are Japanese grocery store chains in California that also have an aisle of cookware and tableware. I've found oddities like super-small plastic wrap rolls (like 20 cm wide) that you can't find at Smart & Final or your standard big American supermarket. Wooden drop lids. Rectangular egg pans. Stuff like that.

And lastly, you can make a wishlist so if you ever get overseas you can shop at their stores. Japanese restaurant supply stores are amazing and would definitely have a large selection of smaller bakeware and cookware. The main kitchen supply neighborhood in Tokyo is Kappabashi. There are also many of these stores near the wholesale food market: previously Tsukiji and more recently in Toyosu.
drbabs October 25, 2021
Does the 9x13 quarter sheet pan fit? I love sheet pan dinners— they make cooking and clean up so easy.
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