Confused, Cream, Milk? Ok, so it's not in the shopping list, but in step one there appears to be a suggestion? Of adding cream or milk to the ricc...

...ota cheese, but makes no mention of it in the directions. Am I supposed to add whole milk or heavy cream to the ricotta or not?

Caroline Macatugob


702551 March 25, 2018
Recipes such as this one are confusing. The author should A.) give the instructions for making the ricotta (with the suggested ratio of 1 cup cream to 4 cups of milk), B.) refer to another recipe that does, or C.) remove the homemade ricotta ingredients.

The recipe author is calling for 1 pound of ricotta, "preferably homemade" which means a commercial product is acceptable.

You don't add milk or cream to the ricotta which is strained anyhow. As the recipe states, "a firm, dry ricotta is desired."

Anyhow, best of luck.
Caroline M. March 25, 2018
Thank you sooo much! Now it makes total sense..
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