Brown gravy for rib roast

I want to make a classic brown gravy to serve with my rib roast and mashed potatoes. I use the Serious Eats' method to cook the roast (reverse sear) and have found I don't get much in terms of drippings; there is enough fat left in the pan, but little else. What do you recommend I do to ensure a flavorful brown gravy? I was thinking about cutting a sliver of meat from the roast, cutting it into pieces, and spreading it on the bottom of the pan to get some beefy flavor. Suggestions? Thanks so much.

  • Posted by: Sam
  • March 31, 2018


Emma L. April 1, 2018
This is a bacon-y brown gravy—but if you use beef stock instead of turkey stock, I think it would work perfectly with a rib roast!
Sam April 1, 2018
That looks great. Thank you!
Liz D. April 1, 2018
Or brown those pieces in a pan on the stove, I think you'd have a little more control that way? Maybe use some fatty meat scraps, brown very well, then add some broth or stock & simmer for awhile to make a beefier stock. This can be done while roast is cooking, or even ahead. Then use the actual fat drippings from the roast to make a roux, deglaze the roasting pan to get what you can from it in terms of flavor & add that to your simmered broth. Make the gravy with the roux & broth. I do this with turkey thighs at Thanksgiving, as we fry our turkey, so there's no drippings for gravy
Sam April 1, 2018
Thanks so much!
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