Can I turn a large sponge cake recipe into individual cakes?

I have a chiffon cake recipe but was wondering if I could use mini soufflé dishes to cook it instead



Windischgirl April 7, 2018
You can, but it may be tricky to unmold the cakes to serve. If you want to do individual servings, you could consider cupcakes (or mini-cupcakes) and use pan liners. Or bake the cake on a sheet pan and cut out circles of cake (or squares) for each serving. You can layer filling and frosting between the cakes for the look of a mini-torte!
Nancy April 8, 2018
If you follow Windischgirl good suggestion to cut individual cakes from one large, don't be afraid of cutting rounds. The leftover bits in odd shapes can be layered with fruit and some cream to make pretty parfait desserts.
Kristin April 9, 2018
Thank you! I ended up baking it in soufflé dishes and it came out great. Only problem was I normally turn the cake upside down when it comes out but I couldn’t do that with the mini dishes so it fell a little. Tastes the same though! :))
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