Any recommendations for getting mini-chocolate chips on to the side of a cake? Cake is frosted already I am looking to minimize mess.

Summer of Eggplant


Summer O. March 11, 2011
Thank you for all the suggestions, next time I'll wait to frost the top. I went with the throwing method over the baby cradling method. And although not perfect it's amazing those little chips really act like magnets. We'll see what the single digit set has to say at the birthday party tomorrow.
yvonne_cdeg March 11, 2011
A good way would have been: BEFORE you put frosting on the top you can grab with very opened hand the cake from top and bottom (need to be skillful to) and if the cake is not very big and you can get aq grip of it with your to widely open hands, and roll in the chips. You can also tilt the cake A LITTLE and drop sprinkle the chips on the sides. Still put some kind of paper to catch the ones that fall and re-use.
Or more professionally said I agree with boulangere: with a sweeping, pressing motion..
boulangere March 11, 2011
Okay, this takes a bit of coordination, but you can do it! Pour the mini chips into a wide, shallow bowl. If you are right-handed, balance the cake on your left hand. Hold the edge of it over the chip bowl. Scoop up a big handful of chips, and with a sweeping, pressing motion, swoop them up the side of the cake, right to the top edge. Bare spots? Swoop and press again. Turn the cake and repeat until you've gone all the way around. Last, scrape away from the bottom edge any excess chips that have accumulated there. It might be a good idea to refrigerate the cake for a half hour or so before decorating the sides just be sure the layers don't want to shift around on you. Enjoy your cake!
yvonne_cdeg March 11, 2011
Don't let the frosting dry on you! Actually you don't have time to tweet about it LOL.
Just need patience and put some kind of paper or aluminum to pick up the ones that fall and re-use them in the same cake before adding unused ones finish the batch you are "throwing" to the side of the cake.
Good luck and enjoy !
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