I'm starting to make forays into gluten free baking. I've used Stella Park's recipes for cupcakes, cookies, and also Elizabeth Prueitt's popovers, wa

waffles, pancakes, etc. All very successful, no weird ingredients such as zantham (sp.?) gum. I was wondering why most recipes include zantham gum in cakes and cupcakes?

Stephanie G


hardlikearmour April 14, 2018
Xanthan gum typically used in recipes that need the properties of gluten for structure/texture. For instance, it's in Stella Parks' gluten-free pie dough recipe. The xanthan gum adds strength and plasticity, which would be provided by gluten in a typical recipe.
HalfPint April 12, 2018
Zantham gum thickens batters and give better rise.
Nancy April 12, 2018
It also stabilizes emulsions and helps little particles (like ground spices) stay in suspension.
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