Is anyone else having issues with error messages when trying to navigate Food52?

For the past week or so clicking any link leads me to a "Something's Wrong in the Kitchen" page prompting me to go back to the homepage. I can refresh and sometimes get what I am looking for, otherwise I have to redirect through the homepage and try again. Is this a site wide issue that is being worked on, or is it just me?



luvcookbooks April 21, 2018
Same problem.
Smaug April 18, 2018
Yes, I've had the same problem.
BerryBaby April 18, 2018
Yes, a few times. I took it as the site was updating or doing maintenance. Seems fine the last few days.
Customer-Care April 18, 2018
Hi Emily! We've written to you directly from [email protected] about this so expect that email to come through shortly.
Emily |. April 18, 2018
Thank you!
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