Kitchen Organization

I am remodeling my kitchen (pinch me!). I remember several different threads on food52 over the years about kitchen organization/favorite things about your kitchen/etc. How can I find those on the site and sift through them with new purpose?



Amanda H. June 17, 2012
Here's a post on Pantry Organization:
SKK June 17, 2012
Sadassa-Ulna is correct about the search. How big is your kitchen? Gas or electric? That will help people come up with ideas. I love a prep sink separate from the kitchen sinks, pull out drawers for pots and pans, two dishwashers, a cupboard with dividers for cookie sheets and trays, electrical outlets everywhere, cupboards going to the ceiling, a pantry that can be pulled out from the wall if you don't have a separate pantry. And a separate area for canning, preserving, large cooking projects. And great lighting is essential!
Sadassa_Ulna June 17, 2012
If you go to the main hotline page, there is a search box on the left.
Type in keywords like remodel, etc.
Good luck with your remodel!
bigpan June 17, 2012
One nice thing is to have an electrical outlet on the front edge of the counter instead of the back splash - then you are not dragging an electrical cord through your work area.
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