Substitute for alcohol in a cheese spread

My friends and I love my mom's 1960's recipe for cheese spread: shredded sharp cheddar cheese, softened butter, caraway seeds, and whisky, brandy, or sherry. I prefer the version with whisky. I have a new friend who is in recovery. What could I substitute so that she could enjoy this spread?

  • Posted by: LisaD
  • April 23, 2018


nance April 24, 2018
Have you tried adding a bit of heat, such as Tabasco or hot pepper jelly?
Nancy April 23, 2018
None will be exact, but each has virtues:
A brewed & cooled smoky tea, like lapsang suchong (it will echo some but not all the smoky tastes in the whisky)
Dealcoholized beer
Dry grape juice
Non alcoholic apple cider...will echo none of the original alcohols, but yes will work nicely with the cheddar
Winifred R. April 23, 2018
All of those would be great, and if you're just looking to add a bit of moisture to work with the cheese seems as though a dab of cream would fit the bill as well. Good luck experimenting, you may find a solution that adds to your cheese spread/ball!
Nancy April 24, 2018
@Winifred Ryan - agree with the cream idea, esp if LisaD's recipe is like the one I use and only has 2 Tbsp alcohol. Then you're replacing moisture as much as flavor.
BerryBaby April 23, 2018
Have you tasted it without any alcohol? As a non-drinker I find leaving out the alcohol in many recipes is fine.
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