Storing Asparagus

Question...why is it grocery stores don’t have Asparagus in water yet we are tild to store it in water? My fridge is at 38 degrees .... does temperature matter?
Thanks! BB



Scott April 28, 2018
I'm definitely not a "foodie", and my tastes tend toward a meat and potatos menu. I'm here to see something that seems an interesting taste that fits with me.

My "go to joke" when someone asked if I had anything green in the fridge was "Besides the mold in the back corner?" :o)
I can do the broccoli, lettuce, snap peas, etc.- but asparagus is a step over the line.

It doesn't fit my palate and makes my pee stink :o)
Alyssa April 26, 2018
I work at a co-op in the produce section, and we do stock our asparagus in a water bath, just like fresh flowers! This is a great way to store them at home, too. Even better, trim the bottom 1/2-1 inch off before sticking them in a vase in your fridge.
BerryBaby April 26, 2018
Thanks, everyone for the helpful information!
BB 🌷
Smaug April 26, 2018
I agree with 10:00- water would just be too much trouble for all the sorting, packing, shipping processes as well as at the retail end. Remember that asparagus stalks are basically the bud stage of a growing shoot- they want to open up into a leafy shoot, and both warmth and light are going to accelerate the process.
pierino April 26, 2018
If you keep them upright in water, as in previous answer you really don't need to refrigerate them. It's fine to keep them on the counter for a few days this way.
BerryBaby April 26, 2018
Thank you! I always thought they needed to be refrigerated.
dinner A. April 26, 2018
Grocery stores expect to sell the asparagus within a day or so -- asparagus won't lose much water in that time and the water bin is a hassle for the store.
PHIL April 26, 2018
Hi BB, they say store them like flowers in a tall container with water in the fridge. Sometimes I see them in water in the store but not always. I lazily store them in the crisper drawer in a loosely fitting bag. If they don't get air around them the tips seem to rot. they usually hold up fairly well
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