How do I keep my cookie dough pie crust (flour, powdered sugar, butter) from sticking in the pie plate?

I make what I call a cookie dough crust when I make strawberry pie. But whether I grease the pie plate or not the crust sticks to the pie plate and it never cuts nicely.

  • Posted by: Ruthann
  • April 30, 2018


BakerBren April 30, 2018
I always line pans with a round of ungreased parchment paper. Trace your pan and cut out slightly smaller than marked. I add a ring of butter around the bottom edge of the pan and a dot in the center to hold it in place while I work. It sticks less than if the paper is fully greased--go figure. I usually have better luck removing parchment paper than aluminum foil. I also always look for a format change so I can use springform pans for difficult doughs as I have better luck releasing the edges first, then sliding a cake spatula or chef's knife under the parchment layer to release the bottom followed by placement on the serving dish or a cake round before cutting. Good luck!
Smaug April 30, 2018
Something that works with notoriously sticky crumb crusts- line the pie plate with aluminum foil, grease the foil. Make the crust and freeze it solid; it can then be removed from the pan and the foil carefully peeled off- the frozen crust is stronger than you might think. Don't know if this would work for your crust- I'm surprised a "cookie" crust would stick.
Smaug April 30, 2018
ps- the crust needs to be baked (and cooled) before freezing.
Emma L. April 30, 2018
I was just developing a recipe and had this same problem! Greasing and flouring the pie pan—before pressing in the dough—really helps.
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