Pecan Pie leaked under crust. I need tips on how to get the pie out of the pan.

Once the pie is cooled it will need a chisel to get it out of the corning pie plate. Can I warm the pie slightly to allow the carmelized sugar on the bottom to soften up before I try to serve slices?

  • Posted by: Karen
  • December 20, 2019


Karen December 21, 2019
This technique of 15 minutes in a 250 oven worked perfectly. Every slice came off the pie plate intact with only a little effort to separate it from the bottom. And there was also the bonus of the pie being just slightly warm. Thanks for the support boulanger!
boulangere December 21, 2019
You're most welcome, Karen. I'm glad the day was saved and the pie as well!
Karen December 20, 2019
I wondered about that. Thanks for the confirmation. It's worth a try!
boulangere December 20, 2019
Try setting it in a warm oven, around 250 degrees, for 15 minutes.
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