I have a question about the new contest format.

Why is there no community participation in the contests? We are not invited to test the recipes, and also there are no honorable mentions, community picks, whatever you want to call them - as there were before. Does that mean you only liked the two recipes you chose for us to vote on?
Why no community participation?



Bevi May 9, 2018
Another factor is recipes that are saved, but not commented upon. I save recipes all the time but hardly ever leave a comment. I notice that people I follow do that as well. Shouldn't amount of saves come into play for a recipe that is submitted for a contest? And if recipes are not commented upon how is it that they are chosen as finalists? I thought both finalists created great recipes, but where is the disconnect?
Lindsay-Jean H. May 10, 2018
Hi Bevi, as noted above, we're hoping community members browse and comment. We take both comments and favorites into consideration to help us narrow the field down to 5, and then again to 2. Which is to say, we value positive feedback and listen to critiques; but we also don't fault a lack of comments or favorites, since many submissions are first-time recipe entries, which we of course welcome, and might be more likely to fly under the radar. Hopefully, as we continue with the new format, we'll be able to get more community members involved in the process through these comment sections.
Saffron3 May 3, 2018
I confess I often look at all the contest entries, take ideas from some, comment on non-popular others, have used a number of those. Having all those eliminated without us browsing is too bad. I assume it is a formatting and posting issue for an employee, and not a wise allocation of time? Also, maybe having ten is better than two, and also, being precise about comments etc works. Mind, I am fond of food52.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 3, 2018
Hi Saffron3, I'm so sorry, I'm not sure I'm following. What you're doing is exactly what we hope will happen! We're counting on community members to browse and comment, that helps us narrow the field down to 5, and then again to 2. Let me know if I'm missing the question or can help in any way.

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BerryBaby May 3, 2018
Lindsay, with all due respect, neither finalist had any comments prior to the last week so in this contest comments could not have been a factor nor were the ❤️‘s. Maybe next time these will factor in, now that we are aware. BB
SKK May 3, 2018
I also did not see anything about comments being taken into account.
BerryBaby May 3, 2018
I didn’t see anything about making comments either. Gave many ❤️‘s.

Many saved my Chocolate Bananas Peanut Butter, Oh My! One comment ‘Yum’ from SexyLambChop....I feel like a winner! 😄
Emma L. May 2, 2018
Hi June—thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It was important to us to be able to bring back the contests, but we needed to rework the format to make them more manageable and successful to execute on our end. We put a lot of thought and care into considering each submission—and testing lots of them, too. And we absolutely want the community to be involved with that piece, too—narrowing down the entries isn't easy and we're counting on the community's input! The system has changed, so instead of emailing us your thoughts (and only allowing a limited number of community members to claim a recipe), we're asking community members to share their thoughts in the comments of the recipes, ideally upping the community participation! That feedback is taken into consideration, along with the results of our testing, when we narrow it down to the top-five recipes. Those are considered community picks and we give them a shoutout in an article on the site. From there we take the community's comments into account, along with our team's opinions on our in-office taste test to narrow it down to the final two, which then, as you mentioned, the community has the final say on. Hope this helps clarify and please feel free to reach out to me directly with any more thoughts or Qs.
CondimentQueen May 2, 2018
Hi Emma,
Thanks for all that information. Can you please point out to me where you notified the community about these changes? I went to the contest page several times throughout the time period and didn't see anything that suggested things were being done differently. You say you have asked the community to share their thoughts in the comments section but I seem to have missed the memo.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 3, 2018
Hi CondimentQueen, we outlined the changes to the contests when we first brought them back at the beginning of the year (https://food52.com/blog/21260-contests-are-back-your-best-hands-off-recipe), but your point is a good one, we should keep reiterating them, so thank you!
ChefJune May 3, 2018
I guess I'm not the only one who did not get the message that you wanted our comments, because I haven't seen any on the recipes I've looked at, and not on the recipes I've submitted, either.
That's good to know, going forward.
ChefJune May 3, 2018
And hile we're in suggestion mode, how about 5 finalists? Kinda like Miss America??
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