Anchovies smell like ammonia?

I’m cooking, sautéed garlic olive oil and anchovies, the anchovies seemed fine, I even ate one before I put them in and it tasted great. All seemed fine until I put in breadcrumbs. As soon as I stirred the breadcrumbs in a breath-taking smell of ammonia came from th pan. Could it be bad anchovies? Should we eat it? (The anchovies are Ortiz filet )

B Gilbertie


ChefJune May 8, 2018
My basic rule of thumb is always "When in doubt, throw it out." Far better to be safe than sorry.
Nancy May 7, 2018
Quick web search tells this ammonia smell is a sign of decomposition & to avoid eating.
Maybe check a few articles and read for yourself.
Big P. May 7, 2018
How old are the breadcrumbs?
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