Is it safe to eat romaine yet?? I have some (not sure of the origin) but I got it from a local grocer whom I trust and he didn’t carry it for like three weeks. Safe or not?

B Gilbertie


BerryBaby May 10, 2018
Read today 5/9 warning is still in effect. If in doubt toss it.
scruz May 10, 2018
we asked because we live in the salad bowl of the world but it was a muddy spring here. last batch was from sierra foothills (fresno area) but we've had from local all the way to garlic capital to fresno. even costco packaging pretty well pinpoints where grown. if in doubt don't eat but if you aren't on the regular supply line to arizona, it's probably safe.
Michele May 9, 2018
My understanding is it was restricted to Yuma Arizona which has finished off its season. Now it is California where the contamination hasn't occurred. If you see Romaine from Arizona (good luck trying to find this information) don't eat it.
For me I have been eating spinach, kale and other non-Romaine things until a few more weeks goes by.
BerryBaby May 10, 2018
Fortunately our produce is labeled. Lettuce is from Salinas, California.
Doesn’t the store where you purchased it know the origin? The produce is shipped to them in boxes that are marked with origin. I’d toss it if I had doubts. Had severe food poisoning once and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.
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