Which is tastier, regular green peppers or Plobano peppers?

  • Posted by: Wanda
  • May 12, 2018


scruz May 16, 2018
wow, i just convinced myself that i much prefer poblanos. firstly, i really dislike bells as i find them bitter and unripe and they repeat on me. even small bits of dried pieces some spice mixes have in them. recently my market has been stocking some gorgeous poblanos and i had made some batches of mexican green moles, some with tomatillos, some without. the other night, i made our easter dinner (long story) and with the ham i made some potatoes salad. i thought that adding red bell peppers and a fire roasted poblano in small dices would be colorful and might taste good. it turned out great and i do like the taste of poblanos very much.
702551 May 16, 2018
I don't think I've purchased a green bell pepper in years. I'd rather buy a hothouse red or yellow bell pepper over a green one.

A standard grocery store green bell pepper is a poor excuse for a vegetable in my book. There are tasty green peppers but bells aren't one of them.

But that's just me...
Tati C. May 14, 2018
If you need another opinion - I'd go with the poblanos. I have a feeling you're referencing green bells, which are really just under-ripe red bell peppers (thus why they're less sweet).
Winifred R. May 12, 2018
Personally, I prefer poblanos. But I lived in Colorado for a number of years and I cook New Mexican style food frequently. Poblanos are not always really hot, but richer and not a heavily walled as typical green bell peppers. For salads, etc., they are often roasted, and skinned before seeding and slicing and adding dressing. They are also used roasted to add to sauces much of the time. I also find this way they give me less "feedback" than raw green bells. So much for one person's interpretation.
Smaug May 13, 2018
Not to forget they're also generally used roasted for chiles rellenos and for rajas (onion and Poblano peppers), a staple in many Mexican kitchens.
Smaug May 12, 2018
If you mean green bells, they're really completely different things- bells are very sweet, poblanos are much earthier (they do become somewhat sweet when completely ripe, but you seldom find them that way), with a complex flavor that most are going to associate strongly with Mexican cuisine- at a guess, without knowing what you're making, you probably want bells.
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