Green pepper flavor in steak tip meal

I had steak tips at a restaurant and it had a very strong green pepper flavor that was delicious. Can't seem to duplicate. Anyone know how they may have done this?

Leo cooks


Nancy July 12, 2021
Leo Cooks - in the spirit of the old Gourmet magazine feature "You Asked for It"...write to the restaurant owner or chef and ask for the recipe. Sometimes they actually give it to you!
Leo C. July 13, 2021
Thanks. I'll do that.
drbabs July 13, 2021
Oh! Great idea!
drbabs July 12, 2021
Hard to say…is it possible that they cooked down a lot of peppers and then blended them into the sauce?
Leo C. July 12, 2021
I dehydrated some then turned them to powder. Added quite a bit to my steak tips, but it didn't make a difference.
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