Recipes for green bell peppers (lots of them)

I am stuck with several baskets of green bell peppers, as my pepper plants were hit with a disease called blossom end rot. I tried to ripen them in paper bags with apples but no luck, they just rot on me. I actually do not like green peppers per se but I cannot fathom the idea to throw them all in the compost bin after I have been pampering those seedlings since early April. I would welcome recipe ideas that use A LOT of green peppers. I am thinking relish, chutney, something that takes care of a lot of the peppers at once, not just a dish. I also have an abundance of tomatoes in the garden, plus some jalapenos that I could use with the peppers. Thanks!

Nadia Hassani


Nadia H. August 30, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up coaxing some color out of the peppers after all by ripening them in a cardboard box with apples. @ susan g: the pepper relish sounds good, now that I have orange peppers I will give that a try.
susan G. August 24, 2011
Recently faced with a lot of peppers, though not that many.
I'd suggest a Pepper Relish from Also, Hungarian Lesco (tomato and green pepper ragout), which is good as is, and has worked as a quasi-shakshouka base with extra spices.
I also cut peppers in strips and freeze in heavy ziplocks, for future sauteing (all sorts of uses, all sorts of cuisines).
Hope you have help on this project!
Chef K. August 24, 2011
As far as the peppers go, I would roast them and either can or freeze them for later use. For speed I would cut them in half, remove the seeds and stems, toss in oil, and roast them flat on a sheet tray until the skin bubbles up. I would try a pretty high temp (375-425) and convection if you have it. Your not trying to cook them through. Put them in a bowl covered with plastic until cool. Then remove the skins. Otherwise, leave whole, toss in oil and roast in an open flame. I use my gas grill with the grate removed. When they are black all over, place in a covered bowl until cool. Use a dry towel to remove the skins and cut out the seeds and stems. If you have a food sealer, that would be the best way to freeze them. Or can them in a lightly salted water.
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