How to search for a green peppers recipe?

Green peppers = every recipe with s&p and the work green and an occasional recipes
for green peppers.


AntoniaJames July 4, 2011
Typing in "bell pepper" seems to work, though it brings up red bell peppers as well as green. But it will be better than pulling in recipes for greens, of which there must be many hundreds by now. I can understand your frustration. What type of dish are you looking for? I see from a quick search that, perhaps due to the fact that there was a contest for red peppers, many more red bell pepper recipes come up in the search results. I'm no expert, but I suspect that many of those recipes for red peppers could also be made with green peppers. Good luck! ;o)
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boulangere July 4, 2011
At the upper right side of the page is a field called SEARCH RECIPES. Enter your green peppers, and prepare to be amazed at what comes up!
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