disposable bbq placement

My oven broke going to be useing a disposable bbq for one evening meal best place to put it? Can I rest it over some wooden planks? Yes I know about the air circulation and gasses from the coals.



BerryBaby May 17, 2018
What is a disposable bbq?
Any barbecue grill sould be
Outside, on concrete. Wooden planks are flammable.
Smaug May 17, 2018
Alright, nobody's biting on this one- I'm not sure what a disposable barbecue would be, but be careful- best not to put it on anything flammable. If you use hardwood charcoal it will tend to send up a lot of sparks, and many barbecues have holes at the bottom that small burning pieces can escape through.
702551 May 17, 2018
Since the original poster did not specify exact what product he/she is using, it is impossible to make specific recommendations. However, I did find some disposable barbecues at Amazon.com, here is one of them:


The product notes on the Amazon page explicitly state not to use indoors and that the item should be placed on a non-combustible surface.

The original poster should read the operating instructions on his/her device very carefully. If there are any doubts or questions, the original poster should contact the product manufacturer's help desk.

Note that the original poster still must do his/her own research to make sure the product is used in compliance with local regulations.

I cannot use this product on my outdoor concrete patio since it would be within 10 feet of combustible structures, a violation of fire code in my county.

The original poster should also consult the CC&Rs for his or her apartment/condominium complex if applicable.

No matter what, it would be prudent to employ extra caution with this genre of devices. As disposable units, they do not have the same safety features as a regular BBQ grill (like closable vents) and it would be highly advisable to keep a fire extinguisher at hand during operation.

Make sure insurance coverage is up to date and best of luck.
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