Has anyone made the Chocolate Fantasy Brownie Bites and used mini-muffin paper liners? Too tired to butter 36 little wells!




drbabs March 7, 2011
Hi Jennifer--I'm so happy that you liked them!
JenniferF March 7, 2011
@drbabs: Can you believe I never thought of just twisting a stick of butter?! I'm been melting and painting on with a pastry brush for 30 years! Thank you for that tip.

I made them, a few with and some without to test them and they worked both ways fine. The liners are had were very pretty and I was taking them to friends so that was sort of nice but in the future, I would probably go with just butter. As time passes, the papers are hard to remove. But let me also say that these little bites are FANTASTIC! They are a new "go to" for sure. Each little bite really packs a punch.
Blissful B. March 6, 2011
As someone who was made mini muffins with & without liners, I find it takes just as much time to fiddle with the liners as it does to butter the pan. The liners are too light to stay in the little holes without the batter, and it's a dexterity to challenge to fill them & sink them into the holes at the same time. Then there's the reality that some of the dough will stick to the liner, leaving you with very little brownie for all your work. For regular-sized muffins, the liners make things easy. For minis, they seem more hassle than they're worth.
drbabs March 6, 2011
Just take a stick of butter and shove it into each of the wells and turn--it will be buttered well enough. (Please don't use non stick spray on these--they are really small and I think you'll be able to taste it!) Thanks for trying out my recipe!
ChefDaddy March 6, 2011
I'm pretty sure this is why they invented non-stick spray. Hope it all turns out!
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