baking time?

I'm using a brownie recipe to make mini brownie bits for should I adjust the baking time? The recipe calls for an 8x8 square pan and baking at 325 for 25 minutes..if I use a mini muffin pan, how should I adjust the baking time?

Rochel Leah


creamtea March 16, 2012
Agree with Miranda. also use your senses--if things start to "smell just right" (hope that's a clear description) before then, check for doneness. Brownies can get overbaked very quickly.
Miranda R. March 15, 2012
I would go with a much shorter baking time - I'd even check on them after 8 -10 minutes.
klfnwf March 15, 2012
You could probably cut the time in half. Just keep an eye on them and check with a toothpick
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