Smoked Buffalo Cracker

I was sitting here bored and made this:
-left over smoked salmon
-white American cheese
-franks hot sauce

Stack salmon on cracked with cheese on top. Microwave for about 20sec until cheese melts. Top with thyme and hot sauce. Enjoy

Question: what could I do to make it better? I'm thinking blue cheese, and triscuits instead. Any other ideas?



Sam1148 February 4, 2012
Good for you for experimenting. probably something I wouldn't care for present day self, that's out of dorm room. But some might like it.
Maybe try using 'water crackers'..a touch of capers, next time.

Cheese and fish usually don't go together well...but cream cheese and salmon do go together well.
I think it's the salt element you like there. Which isn't a 'bad thing'. So don't let the naysayers get you down.

Maybe using a smoked cheese on a crusty bread would work for you? Try to parse it down to 3 ingredients (excluding the bread or cracker)
softpunk February 4, 2012
Are you going to serve this at a Super Bowl party?

Seriously though, that salmon gave it's life for this?!
UncleKracky February 4, 2012
Yes. Salmon gave up its life. Just as many animals have in order for you to learn how to be the cook you are today. Not everyone is a seasoned chef; some are just starting out. As I said; I was bored and decided to try something new. That's what you do when you are learning.
softpunk February 4, 2012
I apologise. I thought you were just joking around with your post. Don't cook with Frank's Red Hot or American cheese. Try chives or dill or alternately capers rather than thyme. Try sour cream, cream cheese or créme fraiche rather than American cheese. Try water crackers, Melba toast, slices of baguette or blinis. And for the record, I learned how to cook vegetarian before tackling any animals.
ReneePussman February 4, 2012
I do not like the sound of this.
UncleKracky February 4, 2012
I don't like the sound of liver and onions. But yet strangely some people each their own.
Amanda H. February 3, 2012
I'd skip the American cheese and microwave part, and instead fold some whipped cream into sour cream, and add some horseradish. Put the salmon on the cracker, top with this horseradish cream and thyme.
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