Hosting a cocktail party with fresh oysters and smoked salmon. What other finger foods would round out a buffet?

  • Posted by: Tareixa
  • November 26, 2017


pierino November 27, 2017
Cheese is not a good match with oysters or salmon. Personally I would add caviar (such as a California sturgeon) and possibly even uni if you have access to fresh sea urchin. You can't please everyone of course. We are living in an age of silly food phobias. Caviar is gluten free but you don't have to label it as such.
Good radishes and decent bread are also nice to have available.
MMH November 26, 2017
Don't do too much. You have 2 really stand out ingredients. Don't clutter it up with other things. Let them be the stars. If you aren't worried about vegetarians, serve the sorts of sides you would get at a raw bar.

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BerryBaby November 26, 2017
Most stores have a pickled veggie/olive bar. I'd suggest an assortment of different olives, marinated veggies, mozzarella balls, baguette bread.
SKK November 26, 2017
Pears are amazing with seafood
Roasted grapes
Quick pickled cucumbers
And always martinis with seafood!
702551 November 26, 2017
I would include at least one meat item like a charcuterie platter.

Another offering would be vegetarian.

Also, at least a couple of hot items would be in order like shrimp, pulled pork sliders, small chicken skewers, maybe some sort of meat or fish tartar.

I would also consider some cheese based items, like a cheese platter but possibly a warm offering like gougeres.

Of course, another possibility is sushi, whether it be something like nigiri or maybe tekka-maki (tuna) or kappa-maki (cucumber).

I assume party/reception cookbooks will offer a plethora of ideas.

The sky's the limit and will be guided by the effort you want to put in and/or your budget/time.
702551 November 26, 2017
A few more:

Bruschetta, rillettes, crab cakes, mini blinis with caviar, warm stuffed mushroom caps.

Anyhow, there are tons of options here.
Nancy November 27, 2017
Have at least one equal quality meat or cheese appetizer, as fish/seafood allergy is twice as prevalent as peanut one.
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