What is a good substitute for allium

I have several family members that are allergic to anything in the allium family (chives, garlic, leeks etc) and it’s difficult to cook for everyone who don’t have that peticular ailment. What are good other substitutes



Nancy May 22, 2018
Horseradish or wasabi or Chile peppers for some heat or sharpness of flavor.
Celery or fennel bulb for crunch &/Or volume.
Smaug May 19, 2018
It's really a pretty unique group for flavors- asafetida (or heeng) is sometimes used as a (more or less) substitute in India. My mother refused to be in the same room with an onion (or shallot, scallion etc.) but managed to be a fine cook, but it was a lifetime process of balancing her own recipes- good luck.
Smaug May 19, 2018
Sorry, that's "asafoetida".
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