Is there some way to use the little bulbs at the tips of garlic chives? I have a great source of just-picked, beautiful garlic chives, so I tend to use them a lot, but have always wondered about the tips . . . . Thanks, everyone! ;o)



Verdigris October 18, 2010
I have Egyptian Walking Onions which form small bulbs at the top. They can be pickleds as you would pickled onions and then used as a garnish. I bet the same could be done with the garlic bulbs as well. No doubt they could also be planted, if they are bulbs and not flower buds.
aargersi October 18, 2010
That's the kind we have growing - when they bloom we add them to wee little windowsill bouquets. The stalks are really tough though right? Not sure they are edible though just about anything is better fried!! Tempura?
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