Baking cake on top rack

I just made marcella hazan's walnut cake. it says to bake for 45 min.s on the top 1/3. i had baked it before and was satisfied with only 20 mins. today i tested it at 15. it was done, but the most inner part fell apart so i will go with 20 mins. (i cooled it in the pan for about 20 mins). curious as to why the baking time is half what i was told it should be and why the directions are to bake on the top third which is contrary to other baking



Emily July 9, 2018
Follow your instinct. If it works on the middle rack, there's no reason you can't bake it there. My worst baking mistakes have happened because I trusted a recipe when experience was telling me the opposite.
Emmie May 22, 2018
It's possible that your oven runs hot. Do you have an oven thermometer? As for why it uses the top third, I haven't seen the recipe, but perhaps it wants more of a crust on top.
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