Today's traffic on foodpickle suggests that a LOT of people are working hard on their tart recipes for this week's @food52 contest!



pierino March 6, 2011
Wish I could be on board but I'm away from my kitchen all week. I'll just save the idea for next time.
Kristen M. March 6, 2011
Great point! Here's more on the special tart contest, for anyone who hasn't heard (hint: Martha Stewart is involved):
spuntino March 6, 2011
Haha - I didn't even know there was a tart contest going on! V funny.
Burnt O. March 6, 2011
Oh - was that out loud? My bad. Sent from my Twitter account as a Tweet. Not meant to end up here! Lesson learned. Feel free to delete this post. Mea culpa.
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