Made a chocolate pecan tart and it is very, very hard this morning. Anything I can do to fix it?

  • Posted by: Shalene
  • November 27, 2014


Monita November 27, 2014
It might soften up if you warm up in a 200 oven for 15 min before serving
Shalene November 27, 2014
Hi Monita! Thank you! That is what I was thinking but it also felt a little risky! I will let you know the result--happy thanksgiving!
Kenzi W. November 27, 2014
How hard are we talking? This is sort of a wild idea, but what if you crumbled it and turned it into a trifle? (Worst case scenario, of course -- if it's just firm it's likely fine!)
Shalene November 27, 2014
Hi Kenzi--great out of the box idea! If Monita's idea to try and soften in the oven doesn't work--trifle it is!! I'll let you know how it goes--Happy Thanksgiving!!
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