Thanks, food52, for all your hard work leading up to, and working out the bugs this week in, the site re-design.

(I especially like not having to see at the top of the Newest Recipes the same four, not-recent recipes posted by food52 staff in the past ten days.) While it may seem like we've been complaining, we're really just trying to provide you with information we hope you find helpful. And we hope that the redesign produces the business results that are intended. ;o)



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nutcakes October 16, 2011
editors -- please consider a place for Ste Talk that is out of the hotline stream!
Bevi October 16, 2011
I agree. It's been a huge undertaking and I hope to not have been too much of a whiner. This site is so inspiring, and is a cooking lifeline!
healthierkitchen October 16, 2011
best. tags. ever.
Kitchen B. October 16, 2011
AJ, well said. But this is what I've come to admire about the fabulous people I've met on food52 - the love...that does not cloak its honesty, the frankness that is not designed to hurt but to build. Food52 means a lot to us all. A & M and everyone on the staff - we love you.......and are staying put. For me, there's no where else to go....
AntoniaJames October 16, 2011
Actually, I'm utterly amazed at how such a small development team could pull this off. ;o) P.S. I'm still grounded (no notifications) . . . not a single one since last Monday night.
Greenstuff October 16, 2011
I haven't been getting notifications either. It's sort of like being on vacation.
boulangere October 15, 2011
I and I hope there is some much-deserved time off coming up for you all.
wssmom October 15, 2011
Well said!
ashleychasesdinner October 15, 2011
I too I agree with AJ! What a fabulous sentiment! Great job FOOD52, I love the 'new' website!
boulangere October 15, 2011
How lovely, AntoniaJames. I imagine you speak for many of us. I so agree that much of our criticism may have sounded like whining, it has genuinely been in an effort to help make the site more readily usable. Thank you for listening. And warm thanks to you, AntoniaJames.
Food52 October 15, 2011
Thanks so much for this post! AJ -- love the tags. We appreciate your support -- means a lot. We have definitely been working hard and under some challenging circumstances (explained in the following link), so thank you. Merrill and I just wrote a note to everyone here:
pamelalee October 15, 2011
I also want to thank everyone at Food 52 for all the hours of work (including, I'm sure, lots of it overtime) that you're putting into making this the best food blog ever. And when I think that Amanda and Merrill will be leaving for their west coast book signing tour in less than 2 weeks...phew! You ladies are amazing! I'm looking forward to meeting you in Seattle.
SKK October 15, 2011
Well said, as always, AJ!
sdebrango October 15, 2011
Second that AJ! So much work is going into this and it's really appreciated!!
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