Not a question just a big thank you!!

We can now add photo's and edit, thank you so much food52 for all the hard work, its all coming together now!!



wssmom October 17, 2011
lapadia October 18, 2011
"double sigh"....and I am also testing commenting to a comment :)
lapadia October 18, 2011
woo-hoo to testing!!
sdebrango October 17, 2011
The edit and add photo was there on a recipe I added today, when I went back and checked older recipes it wasn't there. I got so excited I jumped the gun, sorry. I also don't get notifications but I feel like there is progress if its on a few of the recipes. :(
sdebrango October 17, 2011
Just checked the one that had the capability before its gone now. Oh well!!
hardlikearmour October 17, 2011
Hmmm... I'm still not getting the option to edit a recipe or add a photo from the recipe page. (PC, Firefox)
inpatskitchen October 17, 2011
I'm so glad for you sdebrango, but I am not getting this feature nor am I getting any notifications through e-mail...I know everyone is working very hard but it's been a week and I feel so out of the loop!
sdebrango October 17, 2011
Well, I can on some recipes not all but thats ok it's a work in progress!
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