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I am responding to an article that appeared a year ago on Food52, titled "Meet Eat Offbeat, the Refugee-Staffed Delivery Service Expanding New York's Palate". This article promoted a scam, and you never followed up.

One of your writers submitted a glowing review of this company, and the cookbook that they were writing, authored by the refugee chefs they mentored. Eat Offbeat managed to raise $97,357 on Kickstarter from 1,782 backers, and in the year since they have raised that money they have done nothing. No cookbook, no e-delivery of sample recipes they promised, only empty promises of "fantastic news coming soon!" Backers are starting to ask for their money back. I think you should really keep tabs on the articles you publish, and follow up with updates. Your reporter, Sari Kamin, drank the Kool-aid, and then left the building, and none of you ever bothered to follow up on the scam you promoted. Very poor ethics.

Cooking pro
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. May 23, 2018
Hi Cooking pro, I back quite a few Kickstarter projects, and it's always disappointing when one of them takes longer than originally anticipated, so I understand your frustration. Based on their updates, that seems to be the case for Eat Offbeat. It looks like in March they were working on recipe editing and chef profiles, which meant they still had to do photography, design, and likely more editing, not to mention actually getting the book printed, and it appears that they're now working with a publisher instead of self-publishing. Speaking from experience, the book creation process takes a surprisingly long time! Here's another update on the project from Eat Your Books: As this is an ongoing process for them, it seems the best place to stay updated on their progress is here:
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