I've been reading about botulism concerns when putting garlic in oil. I've read heat kills the bacteria but I've also noticed the last step in rec...

...ipe is to put minced garlic in the cooled down oil. Should I assume the chilli sauce must be consumed immediately



Ethyl May 31, 2018
As per the FDA, you should consume homemade garlic-infused oil within a week and you should refrigerate it fairly quickly. To that end, I would probably let it infuse in the fridge rather than at room temp as stated in the recipe. If in doubt, throw it out though! The good news is that botulism is pretty rare in the US, so I wouldn't stress out too much about this particular recipe.
HalfPint May 30, 2018
Yes, I would consume within a couple of days or refrigerate and use within a week.
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