Can I freeze lump crab cakes????

Lump crabmeat, eggs, peppers, shallots and bread crumbs......assuming I can freeze after I bake them or can I freeze them raw??? Thank you!!!



Summer O. June 20, 2018
Yes, absolutely. As Ethyl mentioned, I place mine on a parchment lined pan or casserole, freeze on a level surface then transfer to a freezer proof ziplock. I wouldn't keep them in there more than 2 months though. I recently had surgery and made a lot of foods ahead and froze them so my husband wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Crab cakes were one of those items and they turned out great. They thaw fairly quickly as well.
Stephanie G. June 19, 2018
I freeze mine after forming them. I let them thaw in the fridge for a day, then cook. They freeze well in my opinion.
Ethyl June 19, 2018
I would think you could freeze them after baking on a parchment covered sheet pan, then transfer them to a zipper top bag for storage. I freeze cooked meatballs and mini turkey meatloaves this way all the time and it works great.

A thought -- Could you try maybe baking off and freezing one to start with? That way you can correct for any issues, like maybe adding some extra bread crumbs or extra spices. I freeze a TON of stuff, usually meals I make ahead of time for my lunches, and I find you usually need to punch up the garlic and spices a bit.
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