Can I freeze pumpkin pie that I have not baked?

  • Posted by: Kathleen
  • November 16, 2016


Leith D. November 20, 2016
How far in advance can you make the filling if you plan to refrigerate it?
creamtea November 21, 2016
Two, maybe three days.
Em November 17, 2016
The answer: Yes.
Will it look and taste like a never-frozen pie? Maybe not.

If you're trying to make the pie ahead of time, I would make the crust and parbake it in the oven for half of the time that the recipe calls for. Cool the crust completely, then wrap it really well to prevent it from drying out, and freeze it. You can also make the filling separately and store it in the refrigerator or freezer separately.

Make sure you let both the filling and the crust thaw completely before you assemble and bake for the remaining half of the time.
creamtea November 16, 2016
You can mix the filling ingredients ahead of time and refrigerate for a few days, then bake. You can also freeze the uncooked filling and thaw and bake. I have done both. I have also frozen the baked pie but the filling tends to separate from the crust.
Susan W. November 16, 2016
I have frozen filling and crust separately with great success, but I have not frozen a filled raw pie.
Riddley G. November 16, 2016
Hi! I'd bake the pie first, then freeze. Here are two articles that should help you: and
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