Pot roast in crock pot 2 days but off,i put it in a pan and have been boiling over an hour is it safe to eat?

Roast was covered the whole time on the calender carry it and nobody ever opened it. Is it safe to eat after boiling for 2 hours

  • Posted by: Denelle
  • June 25, 2018


Sam1148 June 25, 2018
I would have thought the stench of rotting flesh might have clued you in to the fact you probably shouldn't eat it, unless you're a cat. Then all bets are off.
ChefJune June 25, 2018
I think you already know the answer to th is. I would not eat it, and I would advise that you do not eat it nor serve it to anyone. Food poisoning is no fun.
diane June 25, 2018
BerryBaby June 25, 2018
Xiami L. June 25, 2018
I would definitely caution against it. It would be considered unsafe after sitting for 2 hours at room temperature.
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