Jams or jellies with nasturtium flowers?

I have a huge yield of nasturtium flowers in my garden. I remember eating them in a salad once and am wondering if anyone has a good recipe to convert them into a brilliant-hued jelly (that also tastes good).

Pam p
  • Posted by: Pam p
  • June 26, 2018


Nancy June 27, 2018
Have made similar jellies with other flowers or soft herbs.
I would go with an existing recipe using a relatively clear jelly (plain, lemon, apple) so the added nasturtium flowers (whole) would be visible and beautiful in the end product.
Or a mixed jam using one of the orange fruits (peach, apricot, orange) so that the nasturtium flowers (mashed or chopped) add some noticeable color or flavor.
I think they would be drowned out (visually or by taste) in a berry or other dark fruit jam.
Some recipes to use or adapt
Nasturtium jelly
See for adaptation
Peach marmalade by Catherine Plagemann (whose recipes I've made and loved in a book recovered & annotated by MFK Fisher)
Nasturtium orange jam
Smaug June 27, 2018
A sauternes jelly might make a nice base,too.
Smaug June 26, 2018
Not likely they contain any noticeable pectin, but maybe someone up on the technology will come up with a jelly. Have you considered an infused butter or mayonnaise or something of that sort?
Smaug June 26, 2018
Bing (and no doubt Google) lists several nasturtium jellies; some of the articles may actually get you somewhere.
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