Anyone have tips on making jams in the oven. Specifically a bell-pepper jelly. foodpickle



Savorykitchen October 11, 2010
Ah - I read this question differently. I make pear and apple butter in the oven instead of on the stovetop. I do process them on the stovetop however. If you are asking about using the oven to cook your jam, it works pretty well for butters and relishes and the like. Jellies and jams don't work as well because the oven takes much longer and the colors really dull down.

I'll echo the advice to not can in the oven, although I also note that the new River Cottage canning handbook does include an oven-canning method for some of the recipes in the book. I bought it in Costco this summer, so the publisher is clearly not making any changes for the USDA recommendations.
Christina W. October 11, 2010
Do not do it.

Many old recipes will mention this method. It is considered unsafe. Have you ever had a hot jar explode? It happens. It's ugly, messy and dangerous.

As a rule, use recipes dated AFTER 1994.
betteirene October 11, 2010
I don't know if you'll get any answers. Oven canning is not a recommended method for canning any type of food product. It is both unsafe and dangerous.

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