Jelly From Leftover Pear-Apple Canning Syrup

I have leftover Lime-Water and Leftover Pear-Apple Syrup from 2 days of Canning; Day 1 Pears, Day 2 Apples. Both taste great; Can I combine them and turn it into a Canned Jam/Jelly? I hate to waste it.

  • Posted by: Donna
  • September 10, 2019


Gammy September 11, 2019
Good for you! I think they could be combined, maybe cooked further to condense and the apples may have enough pectin to jell nicely. You CAN certainly make the jelly and either refrigerate or freeze. BUT, I would not plan to can (either hot water bath or pressure can) as you won't know the specific pH of the jelly and without that, you can't be sure that nothing bad will be growing in the jelly stored in your pantry.
Nancy September 11, 2019
Other ways to use them would be as drinks (pour over ice or mix with chilled sparkling water), or as syrup for ice cream (cook down a little).
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