Please tell me that you are not selling un-sustainable single use, plastic flatware?

Bella Black Disposable Flatware (48-Pack) Is plastic and there are no indications that they’re even recyclable. Although the description says that they could be washed, the marketing message is clearly disposable convenience. I expect better from Food52! In a world where we are drowning in plastic you should not sell any single use plastic items. Please tell me I misunderstood and clarify the description on this item. Or, reconsider and pull this item from your store.

  • Posted by: BeNeWe
  • July 3, 2018


Marie F. July 7, 2018
Use them in place of garlic cloves in a pasta dish like ogli olio. Roast them first and then chop them up. Delicious
Smaug July 7, 2018
Well, certainly a creative idea, but roasted plastic forks just don't have "name" appeal.
Customer-Care July 3, 2018
Hi BeNeWe,

Thank you so much for writing in about this concern! As it turns out, we sought out this flatware because we saw a lot of interest in our polycarbonate reusable flatware ( and liked that the Bella flatware was a more affordable price.

However, we agree that the messaging around the Bella version didn't appropriately highlight our favorite aspect -- that it's completely reusable (and even top rack dishwasher safe)! We're adjusting our language to emphasize that feature, as we agree that we all need to be using less disposable plastic. Our intention is that these are so beautiful you won't want to toss them, but instead keep them on hand for big crowds again and again! (Here's looking at you, BerryBaby.)

Thank you, again, for helping us make a better site for everyone!

The Food52 Customer Care Team
Smaug July 3, 2018
It is true that some pretty useful stuff is out there as disposable- i'd be lost without my Talenti ice cream containers. Of course, it's also true that Americans toss out just appalling amounts of non degradable stuff, and that the majority don't bother to recycle however easy they make it for us. Word is that the Chinese who actually do most of the work of recycling, are starting to rebel at the amount of contamination they get in the recyclables we ship over there; the attitude of "I'm through with it, let it be someone else's problem" is astonishingly pervasive among our presumably educated populace.
Gammy July 4, 2018
I use those same Talenti ice cream containers for grease I am getting rid of (once it has cooled to room temp). Only problem is they are not dishwasher safe, and need to be handwashed to store until used. How do you use?
Smaug July 4, 2018
I use them for general storage- (for the less Talenti'd among you, they hard hard plastic screwtop containers)-particularly of acidic things such as leftover canned tomatoes, barbecue sauces (I make my own), lemon juice etc.. I also use some outdoors for things like plant foods- surprisingly durable and convenient, see through containers of a size very useful to me.
BerryBaby July 3, 2018
Can’t speak for Food52 but I wash and reuse plastic flatware and straws. Has to be over 15 years ago Starbucks sold reuseable, heavy, plastic straws. They have been washed over a hundred times in the dishwasher and are just as good today as when I bought them.
witloof July 9, 2018
I bought myself a metal straw with a silicone sleeve and I love it!
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